Lofstrand Bactolift™ Device

The Lofstrand Bactolift provides an inexpensive alternative to the incubator shaker. It's a simple air sparge device that instantly turns your centrifuge bottles into growth chambers. Bacteria, yeasts, and other microbial cultures can be expanded by overnight incubation in your benchtop waterbath, incubator cabinet or warmroom.

Twelve one-liter units can be incubated in a standard 1 x 1.5 ft. benchtop waterbath, whereas only six 2.8 liter Fernbach flasks can be shaken in an incubator shaker that occupies 9 square feet of laboratory floor space. The Bactolift attaches to all standard 500ml and 1L centrifuge bottles. The threaded column of the Bactolift fits any 63mm centrifuge bottle thread such as: the Nalgene 1L, the Beckman 1L, and the 500ml or 1L DuPont Sorvall bottle. Following overnight incubation, the Bactolift is removed from the bottle, which is then transferred to the centrifuge for further processing. This precludes the need to transfer culture fluids from a shaker flask, thus eliminating the possibility of breakage or spillage.

Both the Bactolift and the centrifuge bottle can then be washed and autoclaved for reuse. The Bactolift is made of polypropylene and can be subjected to many cycles in the autoclave without adverse affect. The Bactolift is supplied with a 1L centrifuge bottle, 8 non-sterile filters, 100 disposable air diffuser stones, and 100ml of Lofstrand Antifoam. The air-flow control manifold consists of 6 flow gauges mounted on an aluminum plate. Tubing and connecters are provided, allowing for control of six individual Bactolifts operating simultaneously. Two air pumps are available. The standard pump delivers air at a rate of 6.5 liters /min., which is adequate to run up to 6 units. The high volume pump will provide air to 20 Bactolifts. A complete, functional system consists of one or more Bactolift devices, an air-flow control manifold, and a standard or high volume air pump. 

Lofstrand Bactolift™ Device

Catalog Nr. Description Unit Get A
L3-8000 Lofstrand Bactolift™ Each Quote
L3-8101 Replacement Bactolift™ Cap Each Quote
L3-8102 Replacement Bactolift™ Column Each Quote
L3-8200 Bactolift™ Spare Parts Kit Each Quote
L3-7100 Air-Flow Control Manifold Each Quote
L3-7200 Standard Air Pump Each Quote
L3-7300 High Volume Air Pump Each Quote
L3-8410 1000ml Centrifuge Bottle, box/4 Box Quote
L3-8411 1000ml Centrifuge Bottle Each Quote

Lofstrand Bactolift™ Consumables

Catalog Nr. Description Unit Get A
L3-6010 Anti-Foam, 20 x 100ml bottles/case Case Quote
L3-6011 Anti-Foam, 100ml bottle Bottle Quote
L3-6050 Anti-Foam, 6 x 500ml bottles/case Case Quote
L3-6051 Anti-Foam, 500ml bottle Bottle Quote
L3-6200 Air Filters, case/32 filters Case Quote
L3-6210 Air Filters, pkg/8 filters Pkg Quote
L3-6300 Air Stones, case/1000 stones Case Quote
L3-6310 Air Stones, pkg/100 stones Pkg Quote