DNA/RNA Extractions

Custom DNA/RNA Extraction Services

Lofstrand Labs offers a wide range of custom molecular biology services in addition to Custom DNA Sequencing and Molecular Cloning. These services are described below in general terms with accompanying catalog numbers. We can isolate nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from animal tissue or tissue culture cells. Our Biologicals Department will expand your cell cultures on site or process your cell suspensions or pellets. Please contact one of our scientific staff for more detailed information or to receive a quote.

Lofstrand Labs provides custom PCR and RT-PCR services utilizing the Polymerase Chain Reaction process. We will also design and synthesize oligonucleotides for your custom PCR project needs.

Ordering Information

Catalog Nr. DNA/RNA Extractions Unit Get A
L3-1041-1 DNA Isolation (up to 108 cells). Each. Quote
L3-1041-2 DNA Isolation (up to 0.5gm tissue). Each. Quote
L3-1041-3 DNA Isolation - Mouse Tails. Each. Quote
L3-1041-4 Custom DNA Isolation-Library Quality. Each. Quote
L3-1041-4B Blood DNA Isolation-(whole fresh or frozen). Each. Quote
L3-1041-5 DNA Isolation-0.1 gm Ground leaf plant tissue. Each. Quote
L3-1041-5L DNA Isolation-0.1 gm Whole tobacco plant tissue. Each. Quote
L3-1042-1C Total RNA Isolation (up to 108 cells). Each. Quote
L3-1042-1T Total RNA Isolation (up to 0.5gm tissue). Each. Quote
L3-1042-2C Total RNA Isolation (5X108 cells). Each. Quote
L3-1042-2T Total RNA Isolation (0.5 to 1gm tissue). Each. Quote
L3-1043-1 Poly (A+) RNA Isolation (from 1mg total RNA, or less). Each. Quote
L3-1043-2 Poly (A+) RNA Isolation (from >1mg total RNA). Each. Quote

High molecular weight DNA can be isolated from a variety of siurces including blood (fresh or frozen), frozen solid tissue, tissue culture cells, mouse tails and ground leaf plant tissue.

Quality control on all isolated nucleic acids consists of spectrophotometric analyses and gel electrophoresis.

Total RNA can be isolated by the TRIzol (R) purification method. Poly A+ RNA can be isolated by the PolyATtract(R) mRNA isolation system.

Bulk discounts available for all above services.