Peptide Synthesis and Antigen Preparation

Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies can be produced against most antigens of interest. Custom peptide synthesis is offered as well as conjugation of small antigens and less immunogenic antigens to carrier molecules.

Gene Expression Systems. Direct transfection or co-transfection of DNA into mammalian cell lines for the stable or transient expression of foreign genes is offered, including assays, cloning and cell culture expansion and large scale production of the recombinant protein.

DNA Sub-Cloning/Expression Vector Construction

Lofstrand Labs offers production, purification and assay of human and animal viruses. (HIV only avaliable in small quantities.)

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Peptide and Antigen Preparation

Catalog Nr. Title Description Get A
L3-6040 Peptide Synthesis 100 to 200 residues per synthesis. Quote
L3-6045 HPLC Purification Reverse phase HPLC purification of crude peptide; yields of 4-6mg. Quote
L3-5100 Conjugation of antibody to carrier. Conjugation to KLH or BSA. Quote
LLL also offers antibody purification by several methods, isotyping, preparation of antibody fragments and labeling of  antibodies with radioisotopes or other reporter ligands, such as biotin, lactoperoxidase, etc.