Sequencing Primers

Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis, DNA Sequencing Primers

Oligonucleotide Synthesis is performed using ß-cyanoethyl phosphoramidite chemistry. Synthesis is routinely performed at 0.05, 0.2, 1.0 and 15.0 micromole scales.Oligonucleotides are supplied fully deprotected and ready for use. All oligos are quality controlled by PAGE analysis prior to shipping.

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DNA Sequencing Primers

Catalog Nr. Sequencing Primers Get A
L3-4110-01 M13FWD: 5'-GTA-AAA-CGA-CGG-CCA-GT-3' Quote
L3-4110-02 M13REV: 5'-AAC-AGC-TAT-GAC-CAT-3' Quote
L3-4110-06 M13FWD40: 5'-GTT-TTC-CCA-GTC-ACG-AC-3' Quote
L3-4110-07 M13REV48: 5'-AGC-GGA-TAA-CAA-TTT-CAC-ACA-3' Quote
L3-4110-03 T3: 5'-ATT-AAC-CCT-CAC-TAA-AG-3' Quote
L3-4110-04 T7: 5'-TAA-TAC-GAC-TCA-CTA-TA-3' Quote
L3-4110-05 SP6: 5'-GAT-TTA-GGT-GAC-ACT-ATA-G-3' Quote
L3-4110-08 KS: 5'-CGA-GGT-CGA-CGG-TAT-CG-3' Quote
L3-4110-09 SK: 5'-TCT-AGA-ACT-AGT-GGA-TC-3' Quote
All Lofstrand sequencing primers are synthetic single-stranded oligonucleotides with free 5'- and 3'-hydroxyl ends.