Southern/Northern Blots

Custom Southern:Northern:Slot Blots

Typical Southern Blot.

SOUTHERN BLOT ANALYSIS Following restriction enzyme digestion and gel electrophoresis, DNA is transferred to suitable membranes and probed with specific nucleic acid fragments prepared by our Probe Labeling Department. (See the Labeled Probes Section on the menu bar to the left.)

NORTHERN BLOT ANALYSIS Lofstrand Labs offers a wide range of custom molecular biology services under the heading of Custom DNA Sequencing and Molecular Cloning. These services are described below in general terms with accompanying catalog numbers. Please contact one of our scientific staff for more detailed information or to receive a quote.

Lofstrand Labs provides custom PCR and RT-PCR services utilizing the Polymerase Chain Reaction process. We will also design and synthesize oligonucleotides for your custom PCR project needs.


Ordering Information

Catalog Nr. Southern:Northern:Slot Blots Unit Get A
L3-1045A Southern Blot(up to 20 Lanes). Each. Quote
L3-1045B Southern Blot(up to 20 Lanes)& Hybridization. Each. Quote
L3-1046A Northern Blot(up to 20 Lanes). Each. Quote
L3-1046B Northern Blot(up to 20 Lanes) & Hybridization. Each. Quote
L3-1040 Slot Blot. Each. Quote
L3-1045H Slot Blot Hybridization & Wash. (9) Filters Quote
L3-1045F Filter Autoradiography. (9) Filters Quote
L3-1047 Re-Probing of Filters (includes probe labeling). Each. Quote

Lofstrand Labs offers a custom Northern and Southern blot service. This service includes restriction enzyme digestion, elecrtrophoresis, transfer and UV linking to a membrane.

Custom Slot Blot services are also available.

Hybridization services. Lofstrand also offers hybridization services for the above blots. Refer to our Probe Labeling Page for details on radiolabeled and non-radioactive probes. Go There