Company History

Founded in 1983, Lofstrand Labs has been dedicated to providing the highest quality research support to scientists around the world. We are proud to provide the broadest range of molecular biological services available from one company.

Lofstrand Labs, a FEE FOR SERVICE BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY, specializes in recombinant DNA and immunology research support. Our laboratory operates very much like a CORE FACILITY, in that we provide research support in many of the labor intensive aspects of basic research. We take great pride in the fact that research scientists world wide have trusted our staff to assist them in their research efforts for more than twenty years. As a testament to this confidence, our business base has grown because our customers have referred us to their colleagues. Commercial organizations, seeking to OUTSOURCE early stage development or product production, are an important component of our business efforts. Our laboratories are positioned to perform such work under GLP guidelines where required. RAPID TURN AROUND TIME is a very important component of our service philosophy. Typically, we ship labeled probes in less than 24 hours, synthetic oligonucleotides in less than five days and plasmid DNA in approximately one week. Lofstrand labs originally occupied a small laboratory in Rockville, Maryland, U.S.A.(on Lofstrand Lane). As the business grew, the company moved to its present location in Gaithersburg, Maryland.