Expert Witness

Lofstrand Labs offers a complete DNA testing service in support of all technological phases of patent litigation cases.

Lofstrand Labs Limited, established in 1983, has provided molecular biological support to law firms engaged in patent law and intellectual property litigation. This work has come to us as a result of our reputation as a provider of custom research support services. For more than 20 years, our laboratory has provided Recombinant DNA and Proteomics related research support to scientists working in governmental and private institutions. Our expertise ranges from DNA Sequencing and Molecular Cloning to custom Recombinant DNA Library Construction and screening, DNA Synthesis and DNA and RNA Probe Labeling, Plasmid DNA Isolation and Purification, Protein Expression and Antibody Development. We have recently added capabilities in In Situ Hybridization, histology and histochemistry. We would appreciate the opportunity of being able to support your firm in this area and will provide references from recent clients upon request. You may use our Contact Form or telephone toll free to +1-800-541-0362.