Gene Expression and Related Services

Custom Purification of Recombinant Proteins is achieved by affinity chromatography using ion-exchange , hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion. Affinity chromatography purification of proteins fused with one of the following tags: His, GST, MBP, biotin ,and Flag.

Gene Expression Systems. Direct transfection or co-transfection of DNA into mammalian cell lines for the stable or transient expression of foreign genes is offered, including assays, cloning and cell culture expansion and large scale production of the recombinant protein.

DNA Sub-Cloning/Expression Vector Construction

Lofstrand Labs offers production, purification and assay of human and animal viruses. (HIV only avaliable in small quantities.)

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Custom Gene Expression and Related Services

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L3-5108 Mammalian Cell Transfection Quote
L3-1032 Bacterial Transformation A minimum of 1ugm of purified plasmid DNA is required for this procedure. Quote

All phases of this process including assays, cloning and expansion as well as large scale production of the desired protein are provided. For the custom development of polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies to these purified antigens, click here: Custom Biological Services.

For sub-cloning of your DNA coding sequence into a shuttle vector for the production of recombinant protein/antigen, click here: Custom DNA/RNA Services