M13 Phage DNA

Custom Bacteriophage DNA Isolation

Single and Double Stranded Bacteriophage DNA are isolated from M13 vectors. M13 and Lambda Phage DNA Isolated by Double Cesium Chloride Ultracentrifugation Provides the Cleanest, Least Toxic DNA for Biological Studies. That Is, for Transformation or Transfection of Cells With Purified DNA, It Has Been Our Experience That DNA Purified by This Method Exhibits the Least Amount of Cytotoxicity.

M13 and Lambda PhageDNA can also be Isolated Using Qiagen and Qiagen Endotoxin-Free Columns, When Requested.

Custom Bacteriophage DNA Isolation Services

Catalog Nr. Title Description Get A
L3-3051 M13 Double stranded DNA Isolation Liter Prep Quote
L3-3041P P1 Bacteriophage DNA Purification Liter Prep Quote
L3-3052 M13 Transformation of E. coli M13 Transformation of E. coli Quote
L3-3041A Lambda phage growth and DNA purification 3 Liter prep. Quote
L3-3041B Lambda phage growth and DNA purification 1 Liter prep. Quote
L3-3041M Mini Lambda phage prep 3-5ml plate lysate Quote
L3-3041SP Custom bacteriophage prep One liter prep Quote
L3-1041P P1 Bacteriophage DNA Purification One Liter prep Quote