Molecular Weight Markers

32-P Labeled DNA Molecular Weight Markers

DNA fragments are 5'-end labeled with 32P-ATP employing T4-polynucleotide kinase. Radiolabeled markers are supplied in quantities sufficient for a maximum of 100 lanes. Radioactive yield is approximately 20 to 50 microcuries, depending on the type of marker DNA.

Size of Marker Fragments 

Catalog # 32P Labeled DNA Markers Unit
L3-10221 Phi X174/HaeIII Each
L3-10222 Lambda/HindIII Each
L3-10223 Phi X174/HaeIII + Lambda/HindIII Each
L3-10224 pBR322 DNA/HaeIII Digest Each
L3-10225 pBR322/MspI Each
L3-10228 1 Kb DNA Ladder Each