RNA Probes

Radiolabeled & Non-radiolabeled Probes

Our Radiolabeling Department can transcribe any plasmid templates or PCR amplified DNA fragments by either Nick Translation, Random Priming, Klenow fill-in, T4-PNK or Terminal Transferase and label the RNA trasnscripts with 32P, 33P, 35S, biotin, or digoxigenin (DIG).

Methods have been developed and validated in our laboratory for the production of probes for use in In Situ Hybridization experiments.

Radiolabeled & Non-radiolabeled RNA Probes

Catalog Nr. Title Get A
L3-1024P 32P-Labeled RNA Transcript Quote
L3-1024S 35S-Labeled RNA Transcript Quote
L3-1024D Digoxigenin Labeled RNA Transcript Quote
L3-1024B Biotin Labeled RNA Transcript Quote
L3-1024R Unlabeled RNA Transcript Quote
L3-1024SP Custom RNA Transcript Quote
L3-10241 Alkaline Hydrolysis Quote
L3-1036S Linearization of Template DNA-Small Scale Quote
L3-1036L Linearization of Template DNA-Large Scale Quote
Other isotopes are available. Please Inquire