Subcloning Services

Custom Sub-Cloning Services

Lofstrand Labs offers a wide range of custom molecular biology services under the heading of Custom DNA Sequencing and Molecular Cloning. Our Custom Sub-Cloning Services are described below in general terms with accompanying catalog numbers. Please contact one of our scientific staff for more detailed information or to receive a quote.

In addition to our Custom Sub-Cloning Services Lofstrand Labs provides custom PCR and RT-PCR services utilizing the Polymerase Chain Reaction process. We will also design and synthesize oligonucleotides for your custom PCR project needs.

Ordering Information

Catalog Nr. Service Unit Get A
L3-1035A Subcloning, Single step (Incl. 1035AA-AD) Each Quote
L3-1035AA PCR Fragment Isolation Each Quote
L3-1035AB Ligation Into PCR Ready Vector Each Quote
L3-1035AC Bacterial Transformation Each Quote
L3-1035AD Plasmid Minipreps & Clone Screening Each Quote
L3-1035AE End Modification Each Quote
L3-1035B Subcloning, Complex Each Quote